I7 build - mobo/general advice

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: end of march 2010 BUDGET RANGE: $2500 max but id like to keep it around value performance rather than spend on unnecessary things.


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: everything but pc


PARTS PREFERENCES: see list below

OVERCLOCKING: Yes SLI OR CROSSFIRE: I want the option to crossfire the 5870 in the future



Case: Cooler Master HAF 922 $89.98

Motherboard: ???

PSU: ???

CPU: i7-920 $142.50 (intel employee price)

CPU cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus $34.99

Memory: G.Skill 6 GB CAS 7 1600 MHz 6 GB kit $179.99

GPU: XFX HD-587A-ZNF9 Radeon HD 5870 $407.99

SSD: Intel X-25M G2 80GB $145.00 (intel employee price)

HDD: not sure at this point but probably one of the popular recommendations on this forum i.e. Samsung spinpoint etc.

here are the parts i have so far any critique is welcome. I am a first time builder and have only chosen these parts based on what i've read in this forum. My cousin is an intel employee and getting me the intel items at a much lower cost. I've only heard of generally negative things about intel mobos so i havent asked him to order me one. Besides a recommendation on the mobo and PSU, am I overlooking anything else? Do i need additional fans or anything of that sort?

thanks for the advice
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    ^ Good build there...And very good price for the Intel parts...

    As for the rest of the components,

    Mobo -
    Full featured board -
    ASUS P6X58D Premium LGA 1366 Intel X58

    Cheaper but with compromise on some features...

    CASE - Free shipping at amazon

    Graphics card - Get the newer version

    PSU -
    A Quality 700W+ would suffice for that setup(with 2x HD 5870s)
  2. any chance you can send me one of those SSD's at that price ???? haha

    good specs suggested by gkay - would recommend those as well.
  3. yo, if you are going to go with a midtower this one is better for the same price.

    PSU corsair tx 750w

    and go with the first MOBO that kgay09 recommended.
  4. thanks gkay and requeim for the recommendations. in what ways is the antec nine hundred better than the haf 922? i really have no clue and i just heard that the 922 would fit everything that im looking at. thanks

    @demandred - if it were me buying these intel products i wouldnt mind hooking ppl up but i cant ask my cousin to supply me sorry!
  5. both cases will do you fine in all honesty, the antec 900 has 3 120mm fans and one 200mm fan, the HAF 922 has 2 200mm fans and one 120mm fan. that's the only real difference, other than that case design. and personal opinion, i suppose it was wrong for me to say it was much better, they are about the same in all honesty, check them both out decide which you like, they are both good. if you are unsure, get the HAF-922 i say this because the PROMOTIONAL CODE for the antec 900 ends today.
  6. @requiemsallure the Antec 900 is surely a very good case no doubt...but the HAF 922 like timmy said is more spacious and long enough to fit even the HD 5970...So there is a lot of room to work with...
    And also the HDD access in the 922 is much easier as these are mounted sideways unlike the 900...
  7. This PSU is better and cheaper than the Corsair but the promo code expires at midnight PST (about 3 hours from now).

    In the interest of civility, I'll keep my opinion of the Antec 900 to myself and just say that the HAF922 is a better choice.
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  9. Can you get a 128 GB SSD at a similarly-discounted price? I'd think that the extra 40ish GB of space would be worth it. Otherwise, fully agree with gkay.
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