Yet another newbie trys to overclock.

Ive already tried to overclock this piece of s... for a good 2 days.
I've read guides for the last 2 weeks while the parts of my cpu were shipping.
Now im at breakingpoint, it seems this ain't gonna work..

so i got:
AsRock G41M-GS3 (supports DDR3, FSB 1333, LGA775 mATX)
E6750 (known to be a good chip for overclocking)
Kingston HyperX DDR3-1866 CL9 2x4GB

i got BitFenix Alpha Merc case with 8x 120mm Fans, and Thermalright True Spirit 120 with extra 120mm FAN (Push n Pull).
SilverShield 500w ATX power.

my main problem as far as i know is with DDR.
I think the reason i cannot go over 350 FSB is that my DDR can't handle the speed or something.

my highest OC is at:
1,53 Vram

with prime95 and intel burntest highest Core temperature hits 34C room temperature beign 22C.

ive tried everything auto, jsut raise fsb, then when unstable rising vcore (havent gone ovet 1,4V) -not working
manually set 9-11-9-24 or 9-9-9-24 to DDR's and set manually the lowest DDR freq from bios - not working
manually tried diffirent voltages (nothing idiotic) diffirent FSB:s diffirent multipliers on CPU -not working
went FULL RETARDED and set up 8x400 straight away, or 8x475, 6x 500 or similiar -not working
tried AsRock OC tuner to OC with software, in 1 MHz steps from 333 -> up - 351 or 352 FSB then system HARDLOCK

tried to troubleshoot as i think my problems are the DDR3 to set their clocks lower as possible so i can get FSB high -nothing usefull

any ideas? :cry: any? :cry:

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  1. answer to my self

    g41 chipset does not support over 350 BUS SPEED (1400 Rated FSB), thus it is impossible to overclock with this mobo.

    :fou: :pfff: :fou: :fou:

    got 2 day old mobo and already want to sell it...
    this is highest i can go without underclocking ddr:s to 1066...
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