I need a new SMALL cooler for AMD 965 BE

I have the Amd 965 BE using the stock cooler, but it is loud as hell and makes this odd grinding/whining sound.

it still works it just sounds terrible every now and then under heavy load.

I do not want to spend much money because this is an old build that im just using until I finish the new build.

it would probably be a big pain to install something like a CM 212 because its a mATX board and a mid tower case.

any recommendations? I dont really need it to be "better" than the stock fan. I just need it to not make that horrific sound.

I also dont really care if its silent, just quietish. hah. thanks.

Budget : As cheap as possible while still being at least as good as the stock fan.
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  1. if your case has a CPU cut out i would definitely go with the cm hyper 212 evo i installed mine today and once the backplate was on the rest was easy to install just make sure that the clearance from the motherboard to the side panel is about 160 mm or 16 cm. It keeps my 955 be at 38oC at 40% fan speed and the only thing that prevents my pc from being silent is my psu fan.
  2. deepcool mc 3002 gx , use it on my 8350 and 1100t , keeps them cool , no taking off the MB to mount and is silent , great little cooler , all i've suggested it to have had great results 120mm fan has low rpm and move lots of air
  3. of course people still recommend huge CM 212s even though i specifically said way too big. im gonna look into that logisys one jerry, nice and compact plus it is in my price range. thanks a lot
  4. If it fits , 144mm high it will do a great job cooling your cpu .
  5. The TX3 is a "miniature" 212. It uses a 92mm fan instead of the 120mm fan and is commensurately smaller than a 212. (Even though it looks like a 212 when you just glance at a pic.)
  6. are there any that are cheap and somewhat decent that are like a stock fan? just a heatsink straight on the processor with a fan on top? i dont really need anything fancy for this build, i might just use my old AMD 9650 x4 2.3ghz fan. i dont remember it making all this noise
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    Rosewill RCX-ZAIO-92. check it at neweeg, it is about 15$
  8. that is perfect man thanks a lot! exactly what i was looking for.
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