Problem and question with tyan S2915-E

I have a tyan 2915-e motherboard, however in the bios->advanced->ide configuration, I see "primary master" and "primary slave" as NONE. Any idea?

Two more questions:
1- what is "large disk access mode"? it has two values "DOS" and "other". If I want to install ubuntu, which one should I select?
2- what is "installed O/S"? possible values are "other", "win95", "win98", "winME", "win2k/xp"? How much important is it?

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  1. Use some hardrive software for configuration. I use "maxblast 5.0" a free download off seagate's or maxtor's website. It will give you configuration options. Decide how big you want each partition to be then set one as master or primary, the other one as secondary. The operating system you choose will let the software give you the maximum size partition your version of windows and motherboard bios can handle. It's easy to set up, and you can clone another drive to a partition if desired, saving lots of time.
  2. I have not installed any os yet. Two hard drives are attached to SATA0 and SATA1. SATA0 socket is blue and SATA1 socket is black. Also these two are near each other. Four other SATA sockets (SATA2, ..., SATA5) are black and near each other. The CD drive is also attached to SATA4. See the picture
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