After cloning system on new HDD, system partition became H, while C..

Hello everybody..

I gott a new hard drives, and I'm moving the old hard drive to another PC..

I cloned the windows partition (C) from the old HDD to the primary partition on the new HDD.. and booted on the new hard drive after removing the old one, but the Windows stuck at welcome screen..
I reinstalled the old one, but kept booting on the new one, the windows started properly, but I found that system partition, and boot partition became partition H instead of C, (the new system partition kept its drive letter), while the old system partition (also kept its letter C) became 'page file' partition..

I tried to change drive letters using software, but when windows load up. everything is the same.

Any idea on how too fix this guys?? I need to move the old hard drive out of this pc but keep the system running.. and preferably, change the system partition to drive C.

any help would be much appreciated.

[[ Update: ]] I just chached the location of the page file to drive H, and restart, windows started normally.. then changed the drive letter C and restart, the windows again stuck at welcome screen.. I have no idea why!!.. apparently while the system and boot is on drive H, it still need drive c for someting.. anyone know what?
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  1. Was the new hard drive ever formatted on the system while booted from the old OS? That could have left a registry entry mapping it to H:.

    Can you boot to safe mode? Are you willing to try editing the registry?
    And will it boot from the old drive if you install it by itself?
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