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Hey Everyone,

little back story first, My girlfriend wants to build her own computer. she doesn't want much input from me while she selects the parts except to make sure they will work together. when I brought up cooling she said she wanted her' liquid cooled like mine so she could overclock her FX-4100.

here is where I get a little confused. I'm using a frozenq dual bay res that came with a pump already attached so I'm not comfortable making suggestions to her about the internal res (tube style) she wants along side her motherboard. could someone suggest a list of parts (specifically the tub res and pump) for her? she's going for a black and red color scheme. red tubing, maybe red liquid or a red led in the tube (I suggested against colored liquid).

last she wants to stay below $200 if it's possible, if not I'm sure it's fine. she'll pay to play.

thanks guys!

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  1. RS240 or RX240 They are the BEST budget kits you can buy and come with pretty much everything you'll need. Check them out on Well worth the price. I actually just got to play with an RS240 for a friends 2500k system and I tell you what man, great little kit and looks really nice in there too.
  2. after doing a lot of looking around on frozencpu and xoxide I agree with you 100%, that's what I suggested to her last with a slight fan tweak (she doesn't have room for 25mm fans, needs to buy 20mm).

    thanks for the help!
  3. The tone of your post sounds to me like you're doubting your GF's ability to assemble her own rig :P not joking, just placing my observations. We have a small code of conduct around the watercooling section, since it will be you who'll have to assemble the kit/parts and in the future maintain, you'll need to bring yourself upto speed with the works and by this I mean the watercooling sticky located at the top of this forums section.

    Yep, I mean linking the watercooling sticky to your GF and let her take her sweet time reading it, otherwise a disaster is bound to happen.

    Some watercooling pros have had the bad encounter of a leak by accident only via a callous hasty approach...while some come back, the rest find that experience a bitter taste.

    ***READ FIRST*** Tom's HW Watercooling Sticky v2.0
    * another advice would be to visit the watercooling gallery and the build logs threads to stock up on inspiration for your loop. Maybe go original and try something people haven't done :)

    lastly: welcome to the world of watercooling!

    ^all these advice's can be directed to your GF :sarcastic:
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