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Don't know if I should put it in here or cooling but here's the deal, I recently added a few case fans (these in case you're wondering http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103061&Tpk=R4-C2R-20AC-GP) and all my temperatures dropped at idle but my cpu load temps have gone way up. I have a zerotherm core92 for my i7 920 and its worked great, kept load temps at around 70-72 degrees Celsius, but now if i run prime 95 the temps go up to about 80 before I stop it. I never took off my cooler and it worked fine before so scratch off thermal paste and bad seating because I was fine before, it would appear as though the pwm is not working since the temps just keep rising and never seem to plateau. Would there be any reason for this or a whole other explanation? I could add a 120mm fan onto the side of my case over the cpu but would that really solve my problem? Oh and it uses a four pin power connector which I do have plugged into a four pin slot in my board, don't know if that matters.

Any help would be great, I'm not at any risk of burning out my cpu but I do want to get this fixed :??:
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  1. If you still have the old fans, put them back and check if the temps. go back down. This should tell you if it is a fan issue or something else.
  2. Just confirmed that pwm is working. Any other ideas? I don't see how adding airflow can increase load temps by almost 10 degrees.
    If I manually increase the cpu fan to max it stays at around 68 degrees but that's too loud for everyday use. Is there any program that let's you change the fan speed to compensate for rising temperatures like msi afterburner does for the gpu?
  3. Is the air flow direction correct? Did you replace all the case fans? If you added air in (front fans) and did not up size the exhaust (rear fans) you could have the effect you are seeing. It sounds like the hot air is not being removed from the case. Run the system with the side panel off see if the temps go down.
  4. Thanks sounds like a good idea. I've got the exhaust fans plugged into the motherboard so i'll try cranking those up to max and see if it solves it. I do have three intake and 3 exhaust fans so cranking up the exhaust should work to create a more even flow.

    Just tried that and no effect on cpu temps. I guess I can live with cranking up the cpu fan during large loads
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