Computer wont turn on [pictures]

I have been building my new computer for the past few hours but i got stuck plugging everything in. Everything seems to be plugged in but it wont power on :( . Can any experts tell me what i am doing wrong?

I am using
P7P55D LE motherboard
5850 Graphics card
westerdigital 500Gb hard drive
550w corsair psu
haf 922 case
i5 750 CPU + heatsink
2x2Gb g.skill ram

RAM installed in to dual channel slots

CPU + Stock heat sink, installed in to 4pin socket labelled CPU fan.

Graphics card, 2 6 pin PCI have been plugged in.

Optical drive - installed in motherboard and powersupply. No idea what the 7pin at end does i do not have anything that fits.

Hard drive - i recycled from my older computer so no instructions on installation.

Wires from back
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  1. Did you plug in the CPU power cable?

    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:

    Work through the complete list. Odds are that you will find your problem.
  2. Nice Photos! What? ... Did you just cut and paste them into the box ?
    What camera did you use? Really clear closeups!

    Anyway... A picture is usually worth a thousand words but ... In THIS case, We are going to need about a thousand words (no kidding) .

    Sorry to say, that the info provided, thus far is about 10% of what we will need to even understand where you are at.

    Read this VERY carefully ... if you check and do everything it says and DO NOT TAKE ANY OF IT FOR GRANTED ... take notes ... do not dismiss any step ... I will bet my lunch money your problem WILL be solved!

    There is literally nothing we can (any of us) do or say, that is not clearly stated in this "problems" doc. It is THAT GOOD !!

    Give it your best shot ... if no joy, we will walk you thru it.

    If you can't get it solved with this TS doc, then we will attempt to discuss what you have done and what you might "TRY" but I think you can already see that as a rather faulty and very inconsistend way to "nail down" tricky problems.

    I will say that you are going to need to plug the motherboard's (little) system speaker, in order to hear the POST ERROR CODES ... Without that, you are blind (deaf?)

    This is truly the best way to do it ... however lonley (in a crisis).

    Also, if you get burned out or frustrated, step back ... take a good long break (sleep on it !) ... Better than to go bending pins at 3am, no?

    = ALVIN =

    We are right here, for clarification, on any step in the checklist.

    Don't forget to write !
  3. thank you reading through it now.

    I used a 8.1mb camera the samsung w995
  4. most camera dont focus or flash that well at close range ... macro? ... yes, but at under 1 meter, some can't hack it.

    Not very useful in this troubleshooting situation because improper seating and poor connections or hidden standoffs cannot be seen, in most instances. Hope it all works out.

    = Al =
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