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hey guys. my ati x1900xt has served me well. but im looking to upgrade. i've been looking at the hd5750 or hd5770 as a cost effective option. 1 know its a dx9 to dx11 jump but what kind of performance and visual upgrade am i looking at with the hd5750? is it worth it? if i had the spare 150-170? im looking at getting ME 2 and SC 2 shortly and wanted to experiance them as best i can afford

the other components of my 3 yr old rig are a asus p5b-e mobo 2x 10k raptors and 2gb xms ram
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  1. a 5750 will be light years ahead of ur current card http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/best-gaming-graphics-card,2544-7.html
  2. The FPS performance alone should be worth the upgrade, as well as giving you access to higher screen resolutions for a possible monitor upgrade, depending on what you already have. DX11 and other little features only help increase the value of such an upgrade.
  3. ME 2 is a great game and doesnt need a strong card to run, a 5750 should run it great.
  4. I personally have 2x 5770s. It will be a very large performance increase, like Night and day. Get yourself a 5770!
  5. Hmm seams to be two people with that asking the same question but any way 5770 hands down.
  6. It is important not to overdo it too.

    I have three eyefinity screens and a solo 5770 runs all three screens at maximum fps in mass effect 2.

    a 5750 will easily run mass effect 2 on maximum settings.
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