Safe to replace stock fan on Hyper TX 2 - Cooler Master ??

it has a 92mm fan on it

I want to replace it

can I just attach any good fan to it

Or do I need to take anything into consideration ?

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  1. of course any 92mm fan , i Meant
  2. For the most part, yes. But if you want to keep control of the fan with the motherboard you'll need a 3pin or 4pin connector like is on the stock fan. The 3 or 4 pin depends on your motherboard but a 3 pin will work on a 4 pin header.

    Basically this allows the motherboard to control the voltage to the fan and keeps the speed low when the processor is cool. If you buy a fan with a Molex style power connector, it will simply run at max RPM which may be loud.

    So as long as it fits that mounting bracket you shouldn't have a problem. I just would make sure it won't interfere with anything such as RAM. And save yourself the trouble and make sure the fan has a 3 or 4 pin connector so you can control it with the motherboard. :) Less noise = nice.
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