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Hey guys. I'm conducting a market survey for what types of features buyers are either looking for or not looking for on a motherboard. Please quote and post your answers to these questions. Really appreciate those that took the time to fill it out.


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How much do you typically pay for a motherboard?

When deciding to purchase a motherboard, what types of features do you look for and why? (Features could be ports, slots or etc.)

What types of features would would you like to see less of on motherboards?

What types of features would would you like to see more of on motherboards?

How much would you be willing to pay for a motherboard with and without those features that you just listed above?

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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    People 'like me' or 'Enthusiasts' are not good to get ANY idea what the Average Joe wants or needs. {Average = Everything for nothing ~ $150 Swiss-Army MOBO}


    How much do you typically pay - Depends upon the Architecture; $300~$500+

    When deciding to purchase & features - Who {Reputation} Mfg's EVGA, or ASUS -> Next are the features:
    1. Scaling of PCIe AND 3/4-WAY SLI/CF
    2. More Phases {CPU} and {RAM}
    3. Speed of RAM native + OC
    4. Cooling {MOBO} + After-market Blocks
    5. Support USB 3/SATA 3 w/o effecting Scaling of PCIe
    6. On-Board {Stable} RAID {0, 1, 10} 5 I use Dedicated RAID
    7. Number of PCIe
    8. Must support 24GB RAM or 16GB {X4 DDR3}
    9. At least 4 USB 2 and 2 USB 3 @ I/O + on-board headers of same #.
    10. eSATA
    11. On-Board Control {Post LED, Stop/Start/etc}; also Clear CMOS @ on-board & I/O
    12. Voltage & Temp sensors
    13. PS/2

    What types of features ... see less?
    1. Serial
    2. On-board VGA
    3. IDE {any older types} FDD
    4. Cheap ANYTHING

    What types of features ... see more?
    {see above #1, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10}

    How much would you be willing to pay ... without those features?
    ANS - Probably either won't recommend it or simply never buy it. The USB 3/SATA 3, On-Board Control, Phases = $100 alone.
  2. Thanks for the reply and honesty. I'm looking to gauge the market be it the average Joe or enthusiasts.
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