Xfx 4770 or gigabyte 9800gti

I Need help!!!!! I am looking at both the xfx 4770 and the gigabyte 9800gti. xfx has ddr5 gigabyte has ddr3. Gigbyte has 1 gig 256 bit, xfx has 512 gig 128bit. the gigabyte is about $20 more.

The thing i most unsure about is that the xfx has 640 stream processors and 3200 mhz effective clock memory while the gigabyte has 112 stream processors and 1800 mhz effective clock memory. Plus the xfx has a 750 core clock 10 over the gigbytes 740.

Gigabyte has more memory size and bigger bit size, but xfx has ddr5 and more effective clock memory. So I need help choosing.

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  1. ATI and Nvidia go about making their respective cards in different ways so comparing the cards respective architecture is like comparing apples to oranges.

    Both cards offer similar performance, the 4770 is slightly better card but the 9800GT will beat it in some specific games (although not by much) .

    Neither card is fast enough to adequately use 1GB of RAM. I would personally go with the 4770.
  2. I would get the 4770 since it uses less power as well slightly faster. If you want or need cuda or phsyx then it has to be the 9800gt. Both cards do take advantage of 1GB vram (I can say this since I own 2 9800gt 1gb cards in my sli set up) and is NEEDED when playing GTA IV. Plus cards that have 1GB will have a longer useful life as games bloat in the months and years to come.
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