GA-x58A-Sata 2_0/ignoring Marvell Sata 3-Which ssd would better ?

am welling to buy SSD Sata 3 and am aware of Marvell 9128 controller wont give me the full speed nor the Intel SB Sata 2_0

here the SSD types i have in mind
Samsung 830 64G
Intel 520 60 GB
Crucial 64 GB m4

which one will be the best choice as it will running on Sata 2_0

*Changing the mob is not an option (x58)
*Reading speed is all i care about
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  1. They are all good drives, the Intel and Samsung are the fastest but hardly noticeably. I would select between them on price alone.,3124.html,3103.html
  2. i do know they are good drivers but i mean how they going to act with marvell controllers ?!
  3. They are going to act fine with it but might be faster on your Intel SATA II ports.
  4. so shall i go and pick samsung 830 ones ?!
    by the way is there any way to improve the speed on marvell controller or even PCI-E card ?!
    i saw this at newegg but i cant find any true reviews about it

    any ideas ?!
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    If I remember correctly the PCIe X1 ver 2.0 interface would limit you to 5Gb transfer rate. The samsung is a great drive. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done with the Marvell controller.
    I am pretty sure you will be happy with your upgrade even at SATA II speeds.
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  7. No PCI-E x4 or even x8 ?! on the market ?! maybe even x2 ?!
  8. There are PCIe x4 SATA3 add-in cards, but they are generally >$100.
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