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So a few days ago, I tried to OC my AMD Phenom ii x6 1090T Black Edition Thuban CPU. I decided to use ADM Auto-tune because I've heard it's safer than using your bios settings. Well, a little bit into the auto-tune (frequency testing) My PC just shut down abruptly. I smelt a little burned plastic maybe burned dust smell. So I left it off for a little. I turned it on about 45 minutes later and the mother board light flicked on for a millisecond then flipped off. I though at first I had fried my PSU/CPU so I switch my PSU with an older one I had laying around my room, and when I turned it on, it did the same thing. So I fiddled with the plugs for a bit and let it sit over time. I turned it on again about 1-2 hours later and it booted up just nothing happened. I did hear a popping noise come from SOMEWHERE in my PC. I ignored it because i figured it was the PSU adjusting or something like that (i know i was dumb). I switched back to my other PSU and it worked just fine. I'm assuming my CPU overheated due to stock fans, but I have read about the SAME EXACT issue with the 870s-G54 motherboards not supporting something. But will I expect to see damage? My PC is running right as rain. Am I lucky to still have a working PC?

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    Sounds like your lucky but that amd auto tune doesn't sound very good if you do your research and ask questions here on tom's its not that hard to overclock from the bios and in my opinion its always better to do it that way than any program from the os
    On a side note too its usually not a good idea to overclock on the stock fan of your cpu there are some really good and inexpensive air coolers available so I would look to see can you get one before attempting to overclock again
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