Having a minor heat issue after swapping out MB

I built a system back in June based on the following:

i5-3570K with stock cooling
MSI Z77A-G45
Antec Sonata Series SOLO II (known for being quiet and not cooling)
A couple of 120 mm Cougars in the front of case
It was built for general use, home PC and wanted it quiet.

Fans typically idled pretty low, with the occasional rev up during a game (not hard core gamer, but something like Dragon Age or end game moves in Civilization V where a lot going on). Realtemp would show usually in the 50s-60s max rarely under load. I do not overclock.

Jump ahead to yesterday. System refused to boot. Spent day troubleshooting, different power supplies, etc., and all indications were it was the motherboard. Swapped out same model motherboard (got Microsoft to validate my existing OEM activation for Windows 7 so that was a plus), and system running smooth again, except. . .

Running HOT (50+ idle and pushing 60+ under even light load). I did not clean off the CPU when I moved to new motherboard, so whatever thermal paste was left and stock heatsink just doesn't seem that well seated. For example, if I press the top of the fan frame down, I can see temps fall 2 degrees. So, I am thinking I should invest in a better heatsink (seems the Evo 212 are very popular). Does that sound reasonable?

Second question. . .and may need to look through stock bios settings, but even if I boot the PC into Windows 7, the HDD are just going and going and fans ramping up all the time (like when I am typing this post). I don't get it. Any recommendations for apps that make it easy to review what is running or using processor? I also since rebuild have one stupid device that Windows can't recognize and have no idea what it is. Wife is tired of my troubleshooting, so need to get this fixed ASAP.

Final comment, I did not do a re-install of Windows 7. This was literally just dropping MB into case and booting up. BIOS was newer version that what had previously (I have never been one to upgrade bios unless I needed to). Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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    You should have cleaned off the old paste from cpu and cooler , if not you will have a hot running cpu , it will throttle down if it gets to hot , might even kill the cpu . CLEAN OFF THE CPU/COOLER PUT NEW THERMAL PASTE , then see how things run .
    Task manager shows what is running , hardwaremonitor is a program you can download that monitors temperatures of cpu , vga , chipset .
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