Gigabyte EX58-UD3R and Virtualization

I have the Gigabyte EX58-UD3R and a core i7 920 processor. I wanted to install xp mode as I use windows 7 64 bit, and some of my older games don't work with it. When I try to run xp mode, it tells me that I need to enable virtualization in the bios.

I've gone in the bios and it says that it is enabled. I've restored to default settings and all that and it still doesn't work. The only issue I can think of is that I use AHCI because I have a SSD. But I'm not sure that matters.

Here's what it says after I start setting up XP mode:

"Windows XP Mode could not be started because hardware-assisted virtualization is disabled. Please enable hardware virtualization in the BIOS settings and try again. If hardware virtualization settings is already enabled, you may have to disable Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) setting in BIOS or update the system BIOS."

I couldn't find anything about the TXT setting, and I haven't tried updating the BIOS yet. I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas before I update the BIOS.

I also downloaded this tool that's supposed to let me know if my computer is able to use xp mode and it said I can I just need to enable the virtualization. So... I'm just not sure what's wrong.

Thanks to anyone that helps.
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  1. 1) Are you running Pro or Ultimate version of Win7, as they are the only ones that support WinXP Mode?

    2) Have you installed Windows Virtual Machine, as part of the process?
  2. It's Ultimate, and yeah, I installed windows virtual pc.

    And I tried to update the bios but the bios update thing from gigabyte doesn't work with 64 bit either. It's really annoying.

    EDIT: OK it's working now. Originally I tried to install the update that microsoft provides too, but it said that it didn't apply to me. But then I just reinstalled everything and now it works after the last update. So... yeah. Thanks for trying to help.
  3. Not a problem... Glad it was a simple fix & not a CPU or Motherboard issue. :)
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