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Okay so my g/f computer decided it did not like windows vista anymore for some reason and is having loads of issues. I was wondering if what I was going to try to do is fees-able or not. I wanted to format her computer, then install Deamon Tools to my external HD then mount my Windows 7 .iso that I got off MSDN to try and reinstall the OS. The reason for this is that her DVD drive in her laptop stopped working. I have tried fixing it but I think the thing has just simply gone Belly-Up. Would this be do able or would it be for not? I am also aware that it would be easier to just buy an external CD/DVD drive but money is kinda tight so I want to stay away from that if I can.
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  1. We do not recommend pirating software.
  2. It is not pirated I bought it a while back, but my laptop could not handle it, so I have an extra copy of the OS
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    Sorry. :( I jumped to delusions.

    Maybe that would work. Something else that might work is to spool the .iso off and make a bootable flash drive. Before you try this, you might want to plug in a flash drive, then see if the laptop sees it from the BIOS as another drive. Older laptops may not.

    Something else else that might work if you have a second (empty) external drive:
    use your .iso writing program to write the image to that drive, making it bootable. Then install Win7 from that drive.
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