Computer shuts off then on after failed prime95 run, no post

I just build my first system,

i7 860
corsair 1600 xms3 cl7 ram
p55 ud4p mobo
corsair 650w psu
gtx 275
wd caviar black

My problem is last night I oc the cpu to 3.5, no turbo boost, just 3.5. The ram was at 1716 I believe, may be off by a few, however it booted fine. I played a half hour of Anno 1404 then went decided to go to bed. I decided I would let prime95 run overnight. Before the oc I also ran prime95 for 10 hours with no problems, temps where from 40-49 at the most with realtemp. So when I went to run it with the oc my computer immediatly shut down. I then was up to 3 trying to troubleshoot. When i try to turn the comp back on the led phase lights and fans would start for half a second, then shut off, then would try coming back on again over and over until I either unplugged psu cord, or hit case power button. I then unplugged everything but the main power cord to the motherboard and same thing happened however everything stayed lit for maybe 1 second longer until going on then off. I then tried clearing cmos with jumpers, but still nothing. I hoped it was the psu, until i tried it on my older system, a q8200. I plugged in the cpu power cord and larger main one, and system booted up, asking for bootdisk since the hdd wasnt plugged in. Now I'm afraid that its my new mobo not the psu.

Also there was no funny smells, pops or anything I noticed, however I had my tv on and the shock of it shutting down stunned me, so i could have missed a small noise or pop, but i doubt it.

I've overclocked before and had the comp shut down, but it would always boot back up, so this is a first for me. Anyone with much more experiance with trouble shooting and computers in general can you please help me out. I dont need to know where I went wrong with my oc just yet, id like to be able to get my baby breathing again. So any help would be very grateful. Thank you.
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  1. Thanks, I'll read that, go through it then reply if problem not solved and or found.
  2. Thanks again, however that seemed to be more of a "I just built the pc and first power up wont boot" type of troubleshoot. I did notice the part about shorting near the bottom of the original post, could that be it? I havent pulled everything out of the case yet, hoping some1 may have ran into a similar problem and could point me in the right direction.
  3. The checklist is not only for new builds. It's to troubleshoot any system that doesn't boot. Unfortunately, your system currently falls into that category.
  4. I have done all those things however last night, any other thoughts? I dont want to come off the wrong way, im eagerly listening, and i know that a quick fix is unlikely. Thanks, anyone else please add your comments as well.
  5. My first thought is that you damaged a stick of RAM since they were also overclocked. Did you try each stick of RAM by itself in the first RAM slot after resetting the CMOS?
  6. i did do that but will retry. would the board power up with no ram? I took all ram out also, and the same thing was happening, with on off on off. The fans dont even spin full way around, just a shudder. theres a 5 second interval between each on/off.
  7. The board will not post without any RAM.
  8. would the fans spin up?
  9. The should start to spin up, but the computer shoud turn itself off (I think) when it doesn't detect any RAM. So you would see the fans start to spin, lights to come on, the motherboard to show the "no RAM detected" light/beep, and then everything turn off.
  10. Do you have a system speaker installed so you can hear the error beeps? If not, you should get one. There's a link to where you can get one for about $2 in the checklist. You're flying blind without a system speaker.
  11. ya i do, the board doesnt stay on long enough for any beeps, it doesnt post or anything
  12. the only noise the speaker is making is kind of like you hear the power trying to come on, then the board shuts off. its not a beep or anything, just to describe to you the quickness of all this happening. it cant even error code for me.
  13. i tried googling this also an didnt have much luck, found a post same thing basicly, with an oc and prime95, but it was there power supply that was the problem. Is it possible for my psu to be able to start my older system even if its damaged due to less demand on it, but not the newer one? I'm praying its the psu lol.
  14. Thanks to those few who offered some help. I figured its the motherboard, and was starting to put everything back in the box to exchange it, when i thought id give it one more go around. I turned on the power with a screw driver, an tah dah, fizzle and a nice smell coming from what i believe is the power regulator on the board (to the left of the cpu). Ive come to the conclusion that it must have failed, and now its totally gone. It still did the same thing as before, so im assuming multiple parts are failing at this point. Thanks again to those few who stay on boards such as these to help out everyone else!
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