What am I doing wrong?

This is my graphics card.
My cpu is a 3570k
Corsair GS700 PSU
8 Gigs ram
Enermax ETS T40 air cooler
Thermaltake overseer case
Gigabyte Z77 mobo

I can't get a stable overclock over 1075mhz on the cpu boost clock. (stock is 980) The highest memory boost I can get is to 1542mhz (base is 1502). I'm using precision x, I raised the power target to max and I have the fan on full blast. I'm only getting 1 FPS increase over stock when running Heaven 3.0 on max settings. What am I doing wrong?
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  1. Voltage?
  2. I've tried leaving it at base (988) and also maxed it to 1175. Same results...
  3. I decided to try another benchmark to see if there was still no increase, so since I have Arkham City, I did the benchmark on there. Since it's not quite as stressful I was able to clock it a bit higher than on Heaven, but still only saw a 2FPS increase over stock (60 stock, 62 overclocked). There has to be something holding me back, but with my CPU overclocked to 4.5, I don't know what else it could be...?
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