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Hi all,

I currently have two storage drives, one for my OS, games, and important programs (WD 640GB), and the other for movies, music, and photos (WD 500GB).

In the beginning of May I will be purchasing a solid-state drive; I'm currently interested in the Samsung 830 series or the Cruicial M4 series.

My question is can I install Windows onto my SSD, boot from that and transfer anything I want over from the WD 640GB hard drive? I know that I will be able to transfer over from the WD 500GB hard drive because no OS is installed on there but I am unsure about the other hard drive.

Thanks for your replies.
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  1. Yes you should be able to transfer user files, programs and drivers need to be installed. Just make a note that when you install the OS on the SSD that it is best to disconnect the other OS drive.
    Some useful info
  2. double post
  3. Thanks for the reply,

    So after I install the OS on the SSD along with my programs and drivers I will shut down and plug the WD 640GB in. When I turn the computer back on, will I see the drive in the "Computer" folder? If I open that drive up, what folders should I see?

    I've used those guides you linked for my SSD in my laptop, thanks. I do plan on tweaking a little bit with the desktop SSD as well.
  4. It should show up after you plug it back in, at least in disk management!
  5. Right, I guess I could also just boot from the WD 640GB again and transfer the files if I can't do it while running the OS off the SSD.
  6. As Rolli59 indicated, you will not have a problem - One exception if you setup your Old OS HDD in other than ahci and change to ahci for SSD (in Bios).

    1) Disconnect ALL other HDDs, not just old OS HDD. prior to installing OS on SSD
    2) once you complete win 7 installation on SSD, you can reconnect your other HDDs.
    .. You will see the SSD as "C" and HDD OS as "D". You can simply copy and USER data/ files over such as favorites folder.
    3) Comment, If you need to Boot to old OS on HDD, Just select the Key to bring up the Boot memnu (this is NOT to go into BIOS). On My Gigabyte MB it's F12 and On my Asrock MB it is F11. You can select your HDD (THIS DOES NOT change boot priority in BIOS). Caution, drive leter changes as HDD OS is NOW "C" and SSD will become D or E
  7. Thanks for the steps. I don't plan on changing the AHCI / IDE modes in the BIOS unless I have to.
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