AutoCAD system for work build...with SSD, please help

So I was asked to configure 3 systems for work. I work at a governement agency and was allowed to go outside out normal contract with Dell (thank god). So I configured the 3 systems from Xi computers as follows:

i7 960
Asus P6TX motherboard
6GB Corsair Dominator ram
Patriot Torqx 128gb SSD
Nvidia fx4800 1.5gb videocard

So we build a system almost identical (only with a i7 920) about 6 months ago and are really happy with the perfrmance, so I am configuring 3 more. However, the SSD is the only difference this time around. It will not only be the primary will be the only drive. And government policy prohibits me from having a secondary HD. Currently staff is prohibited from putting anything on their local the average load is only 40gb max. So the 128gb should be enough. However...what is your opinion on the reliability and ease of use for using a SSD for a workstation? Or should I change it our for a mechanical HD?
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    I would switch the i7-960 for an i7-930. Stop wasting taxpayer money by spending $300 extra bucks on nothing...

    You should also not get Corsair Dominator sticks. They're a good $50 more expensive than G.Skills with the same specs, or the same price as faster Mushkin sticks.

    Same for the SSD. Here's a cheaper 128 GB one: Corsair Nova 128 GB. However, considering that you only need to leave 20% of the space open on an SSD, you could get by on a much smaller one. I'm assuming the 40 GB counts the OS, so a 64 GB one would be big enough. Here's a good Crucial 64 GB for $180.

    SSDs are fine as long as you're not constantaly writing data to them. I'm assuming the workstations will be preloaded with the programs and then all the data the users generate is stored on a server. Thus, no data will be written to the SSD. In that case, SSDs would be perfect for what you're doing.
  2. thanks Mad...

    Actually saving taxpayers money on the overall build...this system came in $3000 CHEAPER than what Dell quoted me...govenment contracts pay easily twice what any of us pay, it's rediculous. As for the 960 vs the's the only way to get more MHz...and these systems won't be upgraded for 5 years. This system is only offered in certain I can't switch out parts to something off Dell, I have to go with what they offer. And they only offer the Torqx 128 SSD, or a mechanical hd.

    and thanks for the info on the's what I was looking for.
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