FX-8320 and LLC

Okay this is my 2nd CPU and I guess you would consider me fairly new to OCing but I have a problem with LLC.

I have an FX-8320 and AsRock 970 extreme3.
CnQ, C1E, C6, TC OFF
I have a feeling that my LLC is reversed in the bios.

1.4625v in BIOS
1.455-1.468v on IDLE in CPU-Z (seems about right with LLC on right?)
Under load, it drops to around 1.368v and worker #8 instantly displays ILLEGAL SUMOUT in Prime blend with 100 warnings. Right after, worker #7 stops with 1 error.
-Isn't LLC supposed to stop Vdroop or greatly decrease it?
-By the way, the Clock does not get dropped)

4.4ghz(Stable even under load)
1.4625v in BIOS
Anywhere between 1.488v to 1.496v on IDLE in CPU-Z(That's a .033 to .041 increase of vcore) Why?
Under Load Is when it really starts to get freaky.
-The Clock and Vcore fluctuate strangely here with the Clock going from 1339 mhz, 2899 mhz and 4400 mhz along with the Vcore dropping to .9 something(completely Stable under 100% load Prime blend).

I just would love to know what I am doing wrong if I'm doing something wrong or if it is hardware issues. Also maybe with LLC off maybe I should have C6 enabled.
And why Does LLC drop the core? But with LLC OFF, why does it drop the clock and vcore at the same time but very low like 1.4 ghz and .9 vcore?
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  1. does your MB have a bios setting apm(application power management) disable it.
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