Firewire - have a blown my port? Accidentally plugged in USB .....

Damn - I've just accidentally plugged my PC case's USB front panel connector into the IE1394_1 port on my ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 motherboard. A brand new motherboard too. I obviously wasn't concentrating when plugging everything in.

The manual warns:

"Never connect a USB cable to the IEEE 1394a connector. Doing so will damage the motherboard!"

Now the only thing that I (briefly - ie for a few minutes) plugged into the front panel USB connector was a cordless mouse receiver - will I have really damaged anything?

How can i tell if the IE1394 port is okay? I don't use Firewire and I assume that's what may be damaged?

I'm having problems getting sound out from the digital output, but I think that's a config problem as I don't have a digital connection AND I can't even get sound from playing back DVDs (but other sounds are okay, such as from YouTube, Windows sounds, etc). So I hope it's not related.

Any thoughts please?

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  1. Well if you can't see anything - you won't know unless you test the port. But if you don't use it and the rig seems to be working fine, then there probably is no need to worry about it :)
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