ATI Sapphire Vapour-X vs ATI HIS IceQ vs ATI HIS iCooler

I have been watching the market for around a year now trying to decide on the best ATI Graphics card to buy. I have no problem choosing the line i want (ATI 5870), just the specific model, and because i want to overclock and have a cooler, quieter card that is air cooled. My research has lead me to three prime choices of non-reference coolers. Sapphire's Vapour-X, HIS IceQ, and HIS iCooler. I have searched far and wide and it seems nobody ever really talks about what the advantages and disadvantages of each, or which is ultimately BETTER.

Now obviously each particular model is unique which is why i made the pole question as such.

This should help me and many others make our decisions on our next graphics card purchase.

Thank you all for your MUCH valued input!!!
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  1. The HIS coolers have a lot of successful history behind them and usually don't need to be replaced. Their bulk isn't the best in terms of size when space is limited but that comes with the territory. As for Vapor-x I have never owned that card that used that type of cooler but some don't look that great.
  2. I have 3 IceQ cards and they're never annoying me... :)
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