MSI P67A-G45 (B3)

I updated the bios for this board recently and am finally getting around to resetting my OC.
I'm trying to OC but I can't adjust the CPU ratio.
When I click on it to change the setting I'm only given one option, and that is "auto."
I can change my core voltage but that's it.
Not sure what the hangup is here?

And an even better solution, if anyone knows of a way to do so:
how do I downgrade from MSI's new Award bios back to AMI bios?
the old AMI bios worked perfectly.

I tried updating/downgrading the bios with a flash drive on dos like MSI says to but
the AMI updater can't open/find the file (even though it's there).

Current BIOS version: AWARD 5.3
And the version I'd like to be back with is 1.J

Thanks for reading :hello:
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  1. What Mainboard Revision do you have?
    PCB ver. 20
    PCB ver. 101

    I don´t think it is possible to flash award to ami or the other way around.
    Did you load default BIOS config?
    CMOS reset?
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