Trying to keep my old laptop alive

I just tried to replace the RAM in my old COMPAQ Presario laptop, and it isn't working.

It has two slots, and each had an SDRAM stick, 256MB (yeah i know...don't laugh) DDR 133MHz, CL2. The guy at FRY's sold me two DDR 1GB PC21, 266MHz sticks.

With the new RAM installed, when I try booting up, nothing happens. The lights come on, the fan runs, but the screen is black. It doesn't sound like the hard drive is doing anything. When I put to old RAM back in, it works fine.....if incredibly slow, which is why I'm trying to upgrade.

Without suggesting the obvious (i.e. why don't I just buy a new laptop) does anybody have an idea why this new RAM won't work? Is the guy at FRY's clueless and sold me the wrong RAM?

What do you think? :heink:

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  1. The best possible answer is that your laptop doesn't support a 266MHz speed RAM and/or an amount of 2GB. What's the model of your laptop? Better yet, you can check the compatibility at Compaq's website. Assuming they still keep the data sheet of your notebook. ;)
  2. I'ts a Presario 2500. The little sticker on the bottom says Model NO: 2545US
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