2 SLI'd GTS 250s ASUS MB AMD Phenom x4 B.E.

I get that I need 900 Watts for system using ASUS's Power Suppy Calculator and only 669 Watts needed Journey Systems.com using 2 260 cards because they do not list 250s. I presently only have a MSI K9N SI V2 Motherboard which supports my Phenom X4, but not at the AMD rated 125 watts needed only like 95 Watts. Why I am looking at ASUS M4N82 for a real AM2+ motherboard which the MSI is not. With the 2 9600 GTs Journey says my Ultra 550 is OK, but ASUS says it again is not enough of a PSU where again ASUS says I need 800 Watts. Looked at Xion 1250 and Apevia 1100. I noticed that ASUS site list 200 watts going from no Video card to 1 250 GTS or a 150 watts extra for each 9600. Just curious of these card actually use that much extra power as they rate it at 300 watts extra for 2 9600 or 400 watts extra for each 250?? Have 4 Hard drives, 2 10,000 RPM raid 0, DCD RW/R writter, 4 GB DDR2 800 might up to 8 GB, Phenom X4, 4 USB estimated, BFG 9600 OC still new in boxes, so might upgrade before using not sure yet to the 250-260 at the most. I thought maybe ASUS's site was with everything running or something and other was not as their are so different in what they recommend for power and wondered what the guys here thought as I am new to this forum stuff and just sort of 1998 bought some computer parts to upgrade my old very small hard drive home computer and been building them myself and taught my two boys every since we went to Sacramento computuer show really enjoy setting them up and want to do this one specially good this time. I appreciate any input into what you suggest and or your opinions on these figures Please!
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  1. Using a Ultra 550 with 2 8600 not sure about the 9600 OC yet, but that is what I got at the ASUS web site below, so I appreciate the realistic numbers. I noticed Corsair seemed only to use one high amp rail where others I looked at used like 4. The 650-750 are about the same price where I shop so I may go with the 750 a lot cheaper then units listed above either way thanks for the info.

  2. Phenom X4 sure changed specs a lot though
  3. Processor set at Quad really affected power supply on either site. Especially with either two 9600 OC Gtn or 2 250 GTS's
  4. The total PSU Wattage this tool recommends will give a general idea of the range of continuously available power (not peak power) at which you should be looking. But if you are planning to build a high end gaming system, total Amperage available on the +12V rails—and how that capacity is distributed—could be as or more important than total Watts of power.

    So once you have established the likely power needs of your system, please make sure that any PSU you buy will provide sufficient Amps of current on the various rails for all of your devices, and that it will have the proven reliability, service and support you deserve.

    Recommended Minimum
    PSU Wattage: * 950
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