Do I need a heatsink to overclock .3 GHZ

I have a prebuilt
machine with an intel i7 3590k (is it 3950k? 3580k? idk) and I want to overclock it from 3.2 to 3.5 ghz. People are saying u must have a heatsink to overclock but.... it's just .3ghz right? it won't melt my pc or anything right? I need some feedback guys
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  1. you should be fine with such a small OC but you should download and install a temperature monitoring program to check your stock thermals without the OC. In general you dont want to go over 60C while doing what you normally do with your computer like browsing or gaming. However, with a .3 ghz OC you arent going to see any noticable difference so IDK why you would bother.
  2. Prebuilt is kinda scary when overclocking. I would never recommend overclocking on a motherboard that is not made to overclock.

    If you provide motherboard model type and more information about your PC I will try to make suggestions. As it is, I would feel uncomfortable giving you much advice - it might do more harm than good.
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