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I have 2X5970 CF setup, currently output to 2 monitors, both plugged to the main 5970 DVI slot. I acutally wanted 3 monitors, since there is one more Display-Port available....

My question is, I only need the max graphic power on my center monitor, which is the 30" Dell 2560X1600 during game, the left + right monitors are only for web, video...etc. How should I setup? should I buy another lowprofile HD ready card for the left + right monitors and use the 5970s CF to single 30" Display? (I dont want to switch off any monitors during game)

Or CCC is clever enough to focus the loading to my 3D game on center 30" monitor then I just need to plug all 3 monitors to the Main 5970 and use the other 5970 as a slave for CF? (CCC will drain the power of my 4 GPU?)

my point is I dont want to waste my 5970s CF by plugging 2 more low-res 21" monitors and the driver will share the power to 33% 33% 33% foreach monitor, not to mention the lost power of slave card, if this is the case,...

PS, about the crossfire bridge(the little link btw 2 ati cards), one is enough for my resolution/setting?

here is my spec:

Dell 21"
Dell 30"
Dell 21"
Intel Core i7 Extreme 975
ASUS P6X58D Premium X58
Intel X25-M 160GB
Powercolor Radeon HD 5970
Powercolor Radeon HD 5970
12g - G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR3-2000
Thermaltake Toughpower 1200W
Windows 7 x64
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    Yes. It will only use what it has to for your 2 side monitors, and focus the majority of the power on your center screen.

    Yes. You only need 1 Crossfire bridge. (although I dont' think it will really hurt anything to hook the 2nd up)
  2. Thank you for your quick reply.

    This is a great place for asking question.
  3. I agree with microterf, you should not see any major performance hit when using your two 21" as extended space while gaming on your middle screen. I only saw a 1-2 FPS drop when going from enabling my second 1680x1050 monitor with my 5870.

    For the crossfire bridges Id make sure you used two because your setup is a bit on the extreme end, and if two bridges will even be needed it would most likely be your setup.
  4. I must say, watch out for the displayport monitor. I've had the problem (and seems a lot of others also) of it going blank for a couple seconds losing connection. Seems to be a power issue with the voltage to the DP port. I'm running a 3008WFP for my middle monitor with the DP
  5. Hey read this:

    The customer review,
    He says Eyeinfinity doesn't Work in CF
  6. with the newest drivers 10.2 they do
  7. The OP is not using Eyefinity anyway.
    "New Features
    Support for ATI CrossFireX™ on Eyefinity configurations"
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