Release date for updated AMD Processors

I am about to purchase an AMD Athlon II X3 440, but would like to get the 445, mentioned here:,2629.html

Does anybody have any idea about time frame for release?

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  1. They're technically released already, but like most new releases that aren't major most retailers don't have them in stock right away.

    Doing a google search I found it for sale on some website called provantage, but it's $121, way over priced.
  2. Comparing the specs between the 440 and the 445, there's only a 100mhz clock speed difference. Same cache, etc. So unless there's a major change in the revisions of the CPU itself that somehow makes it run more efficiently, I'd say it's an absolute waste. A small 100mhz increment is nothing that can't be fixed in 20 seconds by OC'ing it a tiny bit through the BIOS.

    So unless you can find Benchmarks showing the 445 OC's a lot better, runs cooler, etc... I can't see any reason to spend a dime more for it.

    If you're interested in spending any more money than the 440, I'd suggest using that money to buy a Quad Core instead of a Tri-Core. Then you'd at least be gaining something.

    Athlon II X3 440 ($75)

    Athlon II x4 630 Propus ($99)
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