Liquid/air cooling potential

lets pretend I have an overclocked cpu dissipation 400watts of heat. Is there a liquid cooling unit with good price for this?
I've seen advertised air coolers that say they can handle 300watts...the artic freezer 13 I think it was....But from the review I read their even better air cooled heat sinks. What are they and what can they handle?
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  1. You might want to consider real watercooling!
  2. yeah I've noticed, I've decided that if I going for 500watt cooling capacity then water is the way to go....Should I be worried of system failure? Does this happen often or ever.
    Im trying to piece together a quad or triple 120 system for under 150us shipped.
  3. I think is my best bang for buck, should be able to cool 600w with this, I only need 500w, I am using this to cool a 500watt led. I am wondering How I can rig a high temp shut off switch so in case the system fail my led wont burn up.
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