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I recently put a 5870 in my new system. Asus P6T Dlx V2, i7 920 3.8Ghz, Win 7-64, 6 Gb OCZ 1600, intel ssd, Asus 266 LCD. I read so much about how great it was that I can't understand when I run Far Cry 2 at 1920x1200, all ultra high, no AA that the game is still choppy. During game play it averages about 60 fps and might drop into the 50 range during a heavy load but overall it doesn't run smoothly. Just spinning around in a circle causes hesitation in the display and it seems like some link in the system can't keep up. I thought that all of the latest hardware would be able to run this 2 year old game fully maxed out even with 8x AA, but it can't. I tried overclocking this card but the small amount that it can tolerate yields virtually no increase in performance and is basically not worth the extra heat and stress to the GPU it seems. I have all the latest drivers (as far as I know) from ATI, win7, and Asus. This was a clean new system build that I put together for fun. My expertise are outside the realm of computers and I am not a tech expert. Do I have a hardware/software problem or is this just how it goes. Thanks in advance any help is much appreciated.
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  1. Have you tried disabling Catalyst A.I.?
  2. cluck, I had the same problem, only under 4870x2. Called ati and a senior rep told me that first it could be catalyst and second some games are just poorly coded..he gave my the example of crysis..a gorgeous game thats needs like a core i7 to run well..
    he said that game was not written correctly. It should have been able to run fine even on like a q6600 for example..
  3. i have the same issue with mass effect 1, gets choppy for some reason on a 4870x2 and it isnt THAT involved of a game..
  4. 8xAA is a huge performance hit. Try 4x.
  5. Are you running Asus smart doctor? This was the cause of stuttering with my 4890.
  6. Quote:
    During game play it averages about 60 fps and might drop into the 50 range during a heavy load but overall it doesn't run smoothly.

    vsync on perhaps?

    oh and yeah + that win7 x64.

    the moment i switched to win7x64 (vista x64 previously), my fc2 never felt the same, hell, its so sluggish im forced to dx9 every time i wanna go multiplayer.
  7. well, what video card did you have in there previously and what were the results of that card in Far Cry 2?
  8. The game age has nothing to do with how well a card can run it. Look at the 3 year old game Crysis.

    Its all due to how the game is optimized and built around. Crysis was programmed to have a long lifespan in terms of graphics.

    Quake 4 and doom 3 is another example. Try maxing those games out, and I'm sure u'll run into problems. Because it uses Ray Tracing. From what I remember my 285 GTX would be brought down to its knees to 15 -30 fps during heavy open scenes in quake 4 maxed out, and the whole thing was the AA in general.

    Dont look at the age of them, look a the performance. You dont need more than 60 fps in any game. I use to run Far Cry 2 with 20 -70 fps with 3 285s @ 1280x1024 (monitor was broken at the time, needed a temp).

    Your complaining about running 1 5870 at your resolution and getting 50-60 fps? Man I feel sorry for you, I hope you manage to overcome this traumatic period.

    Ass:) ;)
  9. paperfox said:
    Have you tried disabling Catalyst A.I.?

    I tried shutting that off and it did seem to help smooth it out a bit. I didn't even realize it was on bc i've been using MSI Afterburner to control the video card mostly for the programmable fan settings. Definitely a step in the right direction Thanks!
  10. I did shut off the v-sync too which made a big difference. I now seem to be getting into the 70fps range with the AI and V-sync disabled and at 4x AA. And L1qu1d...point taken. Having just gotten back into building my own system and trying out some of its gaming potential I was under the impression, falsely, that the system I built would run perfectly smooth. My fps are up thanks to everybody's help and the choppiness is not gone but way better than it was . I guess my point is that I'm just surprised having all the latest gizmos isn't enough to make this game run flawlessly and that salvation in this case may rest partially with me lowering my expectations. Thanks you everyone for your great advice!!!
  11. I believe this is the point when we start ranting about how we could have optimized smooth games if devs didn't just port console games to the PC right?

    I mean, back in my day....

    I'm glad you are happier OP.. The trick is to always set the bar low ;)
  12. Also what HDD are you using - remember all of that game info has to come from somewhere before it can be put on the screen !! - the type of stuttering etc. that you mention is many times caused by the cards running faster than the info can be sent to them causing small delays while they wait for the info from the HDD to load into memory.
  13. I'd vouch for the HDD issue. Changing from a regular 7200rpm drive to a WD Velociraptor 10K was the best decision I've made in a long time. Not just does your loading times cut down, any stuttering due to hard disk choking disappeared. I think people are forgetting that with such powerful graphics cards and processors out there now, the hard disks are the ones who have problem feeding textures to the other parts to render. And until SSDs drop in price to a more mainstream level, a Velociraptor is the way to go. Screw RAID 0 for gaming though, it adds latency because of having to search both drives.
  14. Have you tried other games? Used the latest drivers? I had this problem too with my 5850, farcry 2 would be very choppy. Give the drivers some time, its a new card. Its not the cards problem because i can run crysis fully maxed butter smooth.
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