Has anyone used or using MSI P55A-GD55?
I think it is an upgrade to the MSI P55-GD55.

I can't seem to find any review on this product.
It has very good specification for it's price. I think this card gives the most bang for the buck, at least specification wise.

If you are using MSI P55A-GD55, please state your opinion on it here.

Additionally, I would appreciate any other motherboard recommendation as well.

My requirements:
Core i5 760
USB 3.0
2 x pci-e 16x (preferably but not a must, for crossfire 6850)

Budget: less than 160 USD

Thank you! :)
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  1. Hi Radical54 and welcome to Tom's forum.

    MSI is a good manufacturer and have very good mobos. This mobo fit in your budget and is very good:
  2. Thanks saint19. The card you recommended has some neat features, but it lacks USB 3.0.
    The card I was thinking about is this:

    But there doesn't seem to be any reviews for this card.
  3. Ohh, yeah I forgot the USB 3.0 requirement.

    I know that your budget is $160 max, if u can get a little more and go with this: that is a much better mobo.
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