Motherboard beeping

after the start, the motherboard start to beep, i have on the board 2 drives atached on each drive is installed WIndows 7.
this motherboard is new, i bought it before 3 days.

Cpu INTEL i7core 950 3.06Ghz
Memory Corsair 2x2GB 1333mhz
VIdeo Card MSI Radeon 4870 1gb
Bequiet Dark Power p7 750w
Cpu Cooler Default Intel from the Cpu delivery box (may be a crap the temperature is about 46 degrees)
1x 1Tb WD Green 64mb cash
1x 250Gb Samsung 16mb cash (boot drive)
if i shut down the PC and after 1 hour turn it on again, the beeping is begining 5minute later.

What Could BE???
people Help :S
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  1. go into the bios and check the temperature
  2. If you are using temperature monitor software from gigabyte or coretemp, etc, check the settings. Could be that it's getting close to a false limit, giving you a warning. You may just need to change a setting, or change to different software. Your cpu temps are excellent for a stock Intel heatsink. When I ran a 920, my idle temp was 60c. So don't waste money on another cooler yet. Also check the bios settings for temps. I've got mine set at 70c for shutdown. It's a safe setting. The 950 can run at 90c under load for short periods without damaging it.
  3. Cpu 46
    Motherboard 36

    btw if i using the mouse and the scroller the beeping is getting louder
  4. Possibly a stuck key on the keyboard or faulty mouse since it beeps more when you use the scroll wheel
  5. with the Settings seems to be OK!
    but the source of beeping is the North Bridge
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