hey guys.
i am looking to upgrade my pc from the current Asus P6t SE MB, intel core i7 920, 560ti, 16gb vengeance ram, and powercool 750w psu. However am reluctant to spend 400quid just yet.
i have posted up this question alot on other forums and alot of people said i should wait it out for a while as i can overclock the cpu up and maybe just buy a better graphics card....660ti maybe?? is there any advice you can give me on if i should upgrade my GPU or if the 560ti is ok for now??
however the main question was that if i am going to overclock my cpu should i get a cpu fan??...i just use the stock one at the moment, i dont have the money to spend loads but if there was any you would recomend that would be great?? it would be good also if it would fit the current 1366 socket and also if i do upgrade in the future if it would fit the later sockets too.
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  1. Stock fan wouldn't take you very far.. past stock. The most versatile Heatsink at the current moment is most definitely the Hyper 212 Evo from Coolermaster. Its extremely popular because of its fantastic performance and fantastic price, and its very quiet too. There's nothing cheap about it.

    The Hyper 212 Evo is compatible with 1366, just make sure where you buy it from actually says it, because 1366 requires some different parts, as does other sockets.

    The i7 920 is still a pretty good processor, put some overclocking into and give it some more life.

    I would also change the PSU. A 660ti is a good card too, I doubt you'll be disappointed with it.
  2. brilliant. cheers. i am still deciding about the 660ti, the main reason for going for it is that amazon has said that if i wanted to they would give me a full refund for my current 560ti towards my next purchase, as i have had 3 faulty 560tis from them. very very tempting.
    everybody says that a new psu would be a good idea....any you would recomend that arnt too expensive??
  3. Corsair , Seasonic or Antec are 3 good choices for a new PSU
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