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I want to build a server, using cheap hardware and with low consume. For example, an Atom.
I don't want to connect any screen nor keyboard, I only want to access via ethernet. Is it possible? Also during the OS installation? The problem is if I buy a motherboard with a hard disk, how can I access to the hardware the first time to install, for example, debian?

I just want a motherboard without graphic card nor any pci slot, to connect some hard disks and manage everything remotly. Any recommendation?

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  1. Actually the solution you require is called a NAS. A NAS allows you to run a file server exactly in the manner you have described. Make sure you get NAS that has RAID and Gigabit Ethernet and you have what you want right there.
  2. Thanks for your answer, but actually I have a NAS (qnap ts-509), and now I'm looking for a more flexible solution. I want to install the OS of my election. I find interesting some supermicro motherboards, but I'm not sure if I can controll them via ethernet.
  3. I found some motherboards with ipmi support, anyone has experience with it?
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