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Is ATI Radeon X 1950 Crossfire Ed w/512 MB GDDR4, Dual DVI, VGA equal to 1GB 9800GS Video card? This is what Gateway replaced the crossfire with.
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  1. Based on research, the ATI X 1950 512MB is not an equal to the 9800GS 1GB. Why did they downgrade your GPU during the replacement??
  2. It was sent to Gateway - computer wouldn't even turn on - and this is how they fixed it. It is my Husbands computer knowledge is somewhat limited and mine is very limited. I just thought someone could fill us in before he calls Gateway back. Thank you.
  3. Here is an hierarchy chart...,2569-6.html

    You can see the ATI Radeon X 1950 is roughly three or four tiers down on the chart than the lowest Nvidia 9800
  4. Thank you for replying!
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