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Hello all,
I have a problem with a hard drive (Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 320GB).
This is an old drive of mine; I seem to remember erasing the contents before putting it into storage. But now I've found a new home for it and want to do a fresh installation of windows. Unfortunately, because it was wiped, BIOS and Windows cannot find it. Do you know of any software that is bootable from a CD/DVD that can find it and format it so its usable? Or if anyone knows of another solution?
Thank you!
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    If it is not recognized by BIOS it is either connected wrong (or to an disabled controller) or dead!
  2. rolli59 is right. 1st thing you want to do is check that the hdd even powers up and you can hear it spining. If it does power up but hear clicking then its bad. Make sure the cables you are using are not ripped and are working.
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