Processor randomly Overclocked

Ok I have a shitstain of of PC that wont install Windows, but that isn't my problem

I have a

MSI 770 G45 motherboard
AMD Phenom II X2 550 @ 3.1Ghz
Samsung 120GB SSD (Just bought)
720GB HDD (unsure of brand)
AMD Radeon HD 6870 (4 months old)
8GB RAM (mixed brands)

However despite the multitude of blue screen errors when trying to install windows 7 the main puzzle is this:

My processor just randomly oveclocked itself to 3.72Ghz, and refuses me to change the FSB back to 200.

However I can alter the multiplier.

Currentlly I have reste the CMOS by removing the battery for a few hours, and then every setting returned. However the computer crashed and now it's back to 3.72Ghz. I managed to alter the multiplier down so It runs almost at the original factory speed unfortunately I can't locate the CMOS reset jumper anywhere on the motherboard.

However it seems my processor is f*cked. Should I just switch to a cheap intel motherboad and processor?

Advise on what could be the problem
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  1. i'd say maybe amd turbo core is enabled in bios but to me your biggest problem is mixed brand ram thats a big no no either use one or the other or buy a 2 stick set and I'd bet all your troubles would be solved
  2. just a quick look at your board to explain the 3.7ghz clock speed there seems to be a manual switch on the board for easy overcloc read down on this link
    I don't think the faster speed is causing you trouble as i said its probably the mixed ram
  3. Yeah if the extra speed isn't bothering you in terms of temp/performance why care, also DONT USE MIXED RAM
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