OC E5300

I was wondering if I could OC my current CPU...I want to play certain games yet it can't handle it!

E5300 Stock Cooling - 2.60GHZ
8GB 6400 DDR2 PC2
1.5TB 7200 RPM HDD
CM5570 Asustek Motherboard

I wanted to know how to OC it and how far it could go! Thanks!
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  1. what games? It might not make any different with your system.
  2. Get an aftermarket heatsink for the cpu first
  3. I hit 4.14 Ghz hit with an arctic freezer pro 7 with that chip on a Gigabyte motherboard

    You should be able to get to 3.6 with even the most basic aftermarket cooler.

    Cooler master tx3
    Cooler master 101
    anything in and around 20 dollars
  4. Despite what is said above another 1 ghz will see massive gains
  5. Farcry 3 BF3 And so forth... but I just wanted to know if it's possible to OC my current CPU with my Motherboard and Bios yet; everytime i go into bios I don't see any settings....And im already looking for a aftermarket cooler.
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