I5-3570k + GA-Z77X-UD3H OC using turbo

Hi there.

I'm new to OC and new to these forums so go easy on me :D

But anyways, I have a small problem. After reading about overclocking ALOT, i've come to the conclusion that i want to overclock by increasing the turbo clock ratios. But I can't change them. At all. Not a single option that is in anyway connected to the turbo feature of my CPU. How exactly do i go about changing the turbo core ratios? How do I "unlock" these features?

And to clarify, I want to oc using the turbo feature, because I seem to have gotten very lucky with my chip. So I don't want to destroy it by screwing up. And by a good chip, I mean under full load and turbo boost up to 3.8ghz my temps are about 45 to 50 celcius. Although I do have an aftermarket cooler. And i'm not sure if it's the mobo or the chip itself, but even under full load during a prime95 stress test, my voltages(set on auto) are undervolting by a LARGE margin. I mean the voltages are waaay WAY below the stock volts.

I'm fairly confident in the way my mobo and chip handles the auto voltages and my cooler can handle the temps. So i want to OC by increasing only the turbo ratios and leave everything else on auto. And that's where the problem I explained above comes into play. I just can't change them. The BIOS doesn't let me.

Can someone please help me with this? I just want to up the turbo CPU ratios from 38,38,37,36 to 42,42,41,40 but I can't for some reason.
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  1. Alrighty then, after reading alot of stuff on the internet, i decided it was best i just figure this stuff out.

    And BAM! I did figure this stuff out myself. I'm now stable with 4.2ghz OC using the turbo, and with an offset of -0.035. Max load temps 55-58 celcius(increased about 5-8 from previous temps) and voltage at max load(4.2ghz) is 1.52 so my voltage only went up by 0.02 from the stock volts!

    Even though I did figure this stuff out myself, I'm happy to have joined this communyti. Reading the forums here got me to actually figure this stuff out myself in the BIOS, and now I have done my first stable OC. Using turbo ofc.
  2. how did you do it?
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