ANOTHER crazy freakin problem involving FX 6300

dont know where to post this in one forum so im posting in asus, fx and overcloking sections ...sigh..between the issues im having with my 6870 performance since switching from the 965 BE to the 6300 and these stress testing weird issues ive never seen before...even when I first got this processor, that I'm seeing now, im about to pull some hair. HOPefully I get some replies because I have no clue what coujld be doing the following (thoghtit was overheat protection in one of my programs until i uninstalled coretemp, disabled all auto shut down/hibernate options in power settings in windows and in catalyst, etc..) Basically, what happens is, I begin a stress test (seems to either ONLY happen when NB is pushed to 2400 and beyond...or when my htlink is at 2400 (which is the default) and my NB is 2400 or above also) i begin testing, come back, and my display has crapped out and monitor gone into power save mode with the PC still running...same way it looks when its hibernating without suspending to RAM...but the keyboard or mouse doesnothing to bring it back, you have to power it off and on. (Even the reset button doesn't work when this happen) what's the problem here? my temp sensors on my NB getting too hot ??? because i've ran these settings before and made it through I cant. could i have screwed up something on my mobo? temp sensor or mosfet or whatever else tehre could be? +love if anyone has suggestions.
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  1. Full specs?
  2. yummerzzz said:
    Full specs?

    cm hyper 212 evo (2xcorsair sp120 hp editions pushpull) on a FX 6300
    Asus m5a97 r2.0 bios 1302 (12.7.2012)
    8gb (4x2gb) g.skill ripjaws 1600 9 9 9 24 @ 1t
    xfx radeon 6870 1gb
    Corsair gs600 psu
    cm storm enforcer case
    Fans:200mm front intake @ 110cfm
    200mm top exhaust @ 110cfm
    120mm rear exhaust @ 62cfm
    Os: windows 8 pro 64bit
  3. CPU specs
    200x22.5 @1.45v
    Cpunb 2400mhz @ 1.25v
    Htlink 2400mhz 1.2v
    LLC enabled
    All energy settings disabled fans on full
    Ram at 1.6v stock is 1.5v
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    try this:

    cpunb at stock=2000
    ht link stock=2400 in that board

    put memory frequency AUTO=1600
    put this timings=11 11 11 28 39 1T

    see if it crashes
  5. lol thanks fabio that did work but I just said sfcrew it...sorry to say that after over 10 years of AMD only... (last intel was the pentium 4 1.5ghz) i switched to the i5 3570K ...and right now I'm very happy i did.... :/ gonna miss AMD tho... not nearly as many OC related numbers to screw with :/
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  7. i have the same problem... i think the problem is the ram...same ram than you
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