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I have just brought a new PC case. I have just transferred all my parts into the new case and now It will not boot.

The fans and motherboard LED are working and I can hear my hard disk, I have lights at the front of the case and those too are not working nor will the CD ROM open on either PSU's

AMD Athlon 5400+
4GB Corsair 800MHz
ASUS M2A-VM motherboard


removing the ram and GPU to listen for sound beeps, but nothing

remove the cmos battery and reset

tried a different PSU

i suspect i have put the system panel connectors in wrong, but i have followed the motherboard manual as best as i could

What could be the problem? :(
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  1. We have a troubleshooting sticky at the top of the forum that was created just to troubleshoot this type of problem. The first thing to do is perform EVERY step in the checklist. It won't do you any good to skim through it, but if you take the time to perform every step the chances are very good that you'll find the resolution to your problem.

  2. lol - Found the problem.

    Thanks a lot, I thought I blew my motherboard :)

    Take care! and thanks again :D
  3. What was the problem? It's good to post what was wrong to help people who have a similar problem and look at your thread for a resolution. I'll take a wild guess and say it was #2 on the checklist, though. :)
  4. That was exactly it, I thought the little 4 pin one was a PCI-e connector :#

    I didn't plug the connector into the one near the CPU :) all working now except my lights at the front, im just fiddling with them now.
  5. Step #17 in the checklist should fix you up! Here's a quote if you prefer:

    "If power or drive activity LED's do not come on, reverse the connections"
  6. :( I feel so stupid and ashamed. There was a button on the front of the case to turn them on!
  7. No need to feel stupid. We all started somewhere. The only thing to feel ashamed about was not reading the stickies provided at the top of the forum before posting. :)

    No worries though!
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