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just 4 fun i want too see what i can overclock my p4 2.8 northwood pro too would be seated in a gigabyte ga-simlh board with 1.5gb ram ddr333
what do you think is possible for overclock speed
its merely curiousity at this point but would like to know?
also any fact sheets on voltage clocking as i have heard it can help with older cpu's
it has shedloads of air cooling 120mm exhaust 80mm delta front intake 80mm side intake fan inc a 90 mm 5800rpm copper core heatsink and fan just trying to give as much info as possible i know you guys have better things to do than answer queries regarding ancient gear but as i say im curious
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  1. I think you should be able to OC it to 3.4 easy
  2. ok thanks for the reply is there any chance someone could explain the basics of voltage change effect on psu and how to undertake please i understand how to increase frequency but am unsure as to how to increase/decrease voltage and the effect that will have on my cpu unit
  3. ok just an update its in a ga-8simlh motherboard and i cant seem to get it above 3.1 ghz trying a better heatsink with fans running at 6000rpm 80 mm fan on a copper base heatsink

    the cpu is via intel cpu identity
    cpu type 0
    family f
    model 2
    stepping 9
    revision 2e
    2 level cache
    level 1 data
    level 2 512kb
    with a 533 system bus on board and cpu
    is 3 ghz really all it can do?
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