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Using extended desktops through Windows Display properties does it force the setting on Ati Catalyst also? Or should i enable it through the catalyst menu? currently i have primary display my 19" wide pc monitor when working in windows and when i want to launch a game i go to display properties of windows and set primary display the TV with extend desktop checked. am i doing this the right way for best performance in games? the resolution of my pc monitor is 1440x900 and the TV is 1920x1080.
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  1. Should be the same either way...
  2. Thanks for the reply, another quick question please.

    What option in catalyst can i use to show picture only on my TV? When i play games i want picture to be shown only on 1 of 2 screens. i could do that if i had vista but i have XP that have only 2 options :

    1)make primary display 2)extend desktop
  3. In CCC, make the TV your primary display then dissable the monitor.
    That is how I do it, works great [:jaydeejohn:5]
  4. Booooyahhhh, thanks mate. I was thinking of installing Vista for that, because they have it as an option in Display properties
    (Mirrored, Extended, External display only).
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    No problem.
    If you have any issues geting it working, just drop a post!
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