New Build only recognizing 1GB of RAM

I just got my new system up and running but it is only saying there is 1024MB of RAM when I have 4gb.
Here is the system. Thanks for any help.

Thermaltake Purepower 500w
Gigabyte: GA-790XTA - UD4
AMD Phenom II 955
NZXT Apollo Case
Gallaxy GeForce 9600 GT
Intel X25-5 80GB SSD
Samsung F3 1TB
4GB OCZ Platinum 1333
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  1. What OS do you have installed???

    Have you verified they are all properly seated and in the right slots??

    Have you checked your BIOS to make sure the speed, voltage and timings match what is listed on the RAM, itself??
  2. Haven't installed an OS yet. They are all seated in the right slots.
    And yes the speed voltage and timings all match what the RAM is rated for.
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