Do this overclock look okay?

I'd appreciate another persons opinion, Thanks.
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  1. Your voltage is really low for that clock speed, is it stable under prime95 full load?
  2. Fully stable prime95 3.5 hours, I was confused too...
  3. Do you have Cool N Quiet or C1E enabled in BIOS? Since I assume you took the screencap without the processor being in the middle of a stress test, any power saving features would likely have kicked in and explain the super-low voltage reading. On the other hand, if that is the actual voltage you set manually in BIOS (and thus know you aren't exceeding under load)... well, then I think I can only say wow and congrats.
  4. All power saving features disabled via bios and yes set CPU voltage via
  5. Well you seem to have one heck of a chip! Be sure to post up your results in the amd overclocking club (found in my sig).
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