Recycler on external hard drive

is it okay to delete the recycler folder on my WD external hard disk? Please give me an idea. Thanks in advance.
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  1. From what I know, The Recycler folder is used by Windows Recycle Bin.
    You can delete it, but it will probably come back if you send files on that hard drive to the recycle bin.
  2. Recycler is the folder that any files you place in the recycle bin are placed. As far as I know you cannot remove this folder .

    If you don't want to put files in the recycle bin then edit the properties on the recycle bin to completely wipe from machine.

    System Volume Information is where windows system restore files are located. If you do not want to use this folder then disable System Restore.

    The folders will still be there , you cannot remove them. These folders are Windows System Folders , you should NOT be wanting to remove folders that are System Folders unless you know exactly what they do and are certain you don't need them.
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