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Hello everyone,
I'm new to building computers and also configuring the BIOS. I just got done building one, and successfully installing the new Windows 7 Operating System. Unfortunatly I have had multiple freezes/random reboots/ and even a Hyper Transport Sync Error (which I have no clue what this means). I read on another forum about other people getting this exact same error with practically all the exact same parts as I have in my build. From what I read, they said that certain settings in the BIOS must be configured properly for the higher grade memory. I myself set all these settings to AUTO in the BIOS, and I am almost 100% certain that this is why I'm getting random reboots and everything else I stated above, because all those other people had this exact same problem with their parts. I'm in high school, and I did this as a graduation project, and I really need this thing to work before I graduate so I pass this project. I have built this system with higher grade parts, and I have put a grand total of $1200 into this system. Below I will list all the parts I have and if anyone could possibly guide me on how to set these BIOS voltages and everything else, I would more than greatly appreciate it :) . Also, one more thing: I purchased all my parts from except for the PSU, which I purchased from Newegg.
For Your Convenience, I am also providing the website Item Number Codes Directly below my list.

Motherboard: ASUS M4A79T Deluxe
Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.20GHz
Memory: Corsair XMS3 4GB Dual Channel DDR3 RAM PC10666
Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce GTS-250 Video Card
Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB, 32MB, SATA300 OEM
Bluray Drive: Plextor PX-B320SA
PSU: Corsair CMPSU-650TX 650 Watt

Motherboard (tigerdirect) A455-2878
Memory: (tigerdirect) C13-8220
Graphics Card: (tigerdirect) E145-0250
Hard Drive: (tigerdirect) TSD-1000EADS
Bluray: (tigerdirect) P67-2024 OEM
PSU (newegg) N/A

Also, my BIOS is made by American MegaTrends Inc., and includes options such as "AI Tweaker", "Main", etc. If anyone out there is using my same stuff, and you know what you're doing with this, a guided tutorial on how to set this up or something of that sort to help me would be more than greatly appreciated. Thankyou so much, pburt68
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  1. In Chapter 3 of your user's manual, you'll see an explanation of the AI Tweaker section of you BIOS. AI Tweaker is the section where you will set your RAM specs (speed, voltage, timing).

    Ai Overclocking: set to manual

    On your RAM modules you will see a sticker. On that sticker you will see the values you must specify in your BIOS.

    DRAM Frequency Control: set to Manual. After doing this, more options will likely open up. Set your frequency to 1333MHz

    DRAM Voltage: set to Manual, then set the specified voltage to 1.5v

    DRAM 1st Configuration: yours will be 9-9-9-24
    TCL: 9
    TRCD: 9
    TRP: 9
    TRAS: 24

    if for some reason your system becomes unstable, load the default vaules by pressing the F5 key, or by using the arrow key to get to the Exit menu.

    Edit: here is a link to your manual
  2. Ok. Thanks alot. I appreciate it. Is the memory all I have to worry about? Do I need to worry about any processor settings or anything else? Im assuming I just leave all those settings to AUTO in the BIOS.
  3. Well, I tried what you said, and it's still freezing. I do know that when I went manual in the AI Overclocking it set the FSB to 200 by default. I didn't touch anything but the stuff that you told me to. Ima keep waiting here for replies, but I do greatly appreciate what you have provided me. I will continue to run on those settings. If it goes unstable, I will reset the defaults again. I have a funny feeling it could be a combination of a couple variables in there. I know for a fact that my motherboard type doesn't always set the correct values for things when on AUTO because I've seen other people with this same Mobo write about it.
  4. You should run an overnight run of Memtest86+ now that you have the RAM values set correctly. You shouldn't have to change any other values in the BIOS if you're not overclocking. Freezing problems are nearly always caused by either incorrect RAM settings or faulty RAM.
  5. Ok, thats what I'll do. If it gives me any errors or anything, I'll post them here. So far the freezing is still occuring, however I will do a Memtest86+ and hopefully I can figure out what this problem is. Thanks. Hopefully I can get this problem solved before I have to present this project!....
  6. go to and download the disc image of MemTest86+. Version 4.0 is the latest that I know of, but if you find a later version, download it. After you download the disc image, you'll need a mounting software (g-burner, magic iso, ultra iso, etc). Burn the image to a cd, pop the disc back in, retstart computer, test will run itself.
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