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Hello Everyone!,

I am having a weird problem with the SATA III ports on my Crosshair IV (890FX). Sometimes when I turn on the power it will recognize the C300 and the DVD dRive I have installed into the SATA III 1 and 2 ports. It will run fine for a awhile and then it will freeze and need to be restarted. However, once I restart it wont boot up due to it NOW not autodetecting my SSD (Boot Drive) or my DVD Drive. It will however, always autodetect my Hitachi 1TB Data drive and my other DVD drive and never has problems detecting those. It seems like it will randomly either detect them or not detect them on Boot. I have found that when I open up the case and reseat the Drive and SSD, it will detect them but it wont detect them upon next boot. What shall I Do?
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  1. There are (2) flavors of Crosshair IV Formula & Extreme; I'll assume Formula.
    REF Crosshair IV Formula

    So, I will too assume:
    1. BIOS is 0801 or newer.
    2. SSD - SATA_1 {Primary}
    3. That you haven't changing IDE <-> ACHI
    4. Latest drivers from ASUS are installed and installed per your OS + correct compile type {64-bit vs 32-bit or visa versa}

    Verify Msahci.sys {6.1.7600.20575} or greater

    Question, please list the EXACT Ports/Device? Any RAID?

    However, my assumption is that indeed you have either moved and/or changed IDE <-> ACHI, etc post OS install.
  2. You can correctly assume all of those and it is indeed a Formula sir, Good Show!

    I did at one time change AHCI to IDE but I switched it back very shortly afterwards.

    Port1: Crucial C300 128GB Sata III
    Port 2: Hitachi Deskstar 7200 1 TB Sata II HDD
    Port3: LG SATA DVD/CD RW Combo Drive w/Lightscribe
    Port4: LG SATA DVD/CD RW Combo Drive w/o Lightscribe
    Port5: N/A
    Port6: N/A

    No RAID (0,1,5,10,JBOD)
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    Simple diagnostic {determine severity} and simple. At the MOBO unplug ALL SATA plugs EXCEPT SATA_1 {C300}. --- Does this correct the problem? If FAIL then boot, run MSCONFIG -> Diagnostic. Does that fix the problem?

    BTW - I assume that the Deskstar only contains DATA and nothing else?
  4. Yep, I did all of that and it now works correctly! The Deskstar does only contain data and certain apps where speed was not a deciding factor for storing it. It now detects alll of the SATA devices after unplugging all of them and switching the ports of the C300 and the Deskstar. I then Changed it from IDE>AHCI>IDE in the BIOS. Thank you for the Help!
  5. I run the ~ equivalent only with SSD + RAID 1 HDD. When they were moved it caused the driver to reinitialize {reset}. The next, step would have been to delete them in the Device Manager + restart; causes the same thing. The IDE is negligible difference vs ACHI.

    Glad to hear it runs - Enjoy! :sol:
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